Photo: Monique Feil

Photo: Monique Feil


Dr. Hisla Bates, MD -

Holistic Pediatric and Adult Psychiatrist


Dr. Bates is Harvard and Yale trained, double board certified physician pediatric and adult psychiatry. Dr. Bates has over 20 years of experience treating and diagnosing pediatric and adult patients throughout Massachusetts and New York. Her early background includes an internship at Yale University in Primary Care Internal Medicine and Ophthalmology. Her Psychiatry residency was at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and her Fellowship in Child and Adolescent psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean.

Over the past twenty years Dr. Bates has worked in a variety of settings such as inpatient, residential, partial hospitals, outpatient settings and for managed care. Although she has an extensive background in psychopharmacology she has a conservative approach to medications she takes a more holistic approach to treatment.

In 2016, she is certified in Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology Coaching by the WholeBeing Institute. She has developed an integrative psychiatry practice incorporating positive psychology and the creative visual arts. In treatment, Dr. Bates uses art when working with children and adults to foster creativity and healing. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design and was a fashion designer prior to medical school. She has been a painter, and printmaker over the past 12 years and also enjoys photography and filmmaking. Dr. Bates brings her design thinking and innovation into her work as a psychiatrist and positive psychology coach. Dr. Bates also facilitates workshops for clinicians who want to use art in their work with patients and in their explore creativity in their personal life.