About Hisla Bates, MD

I'm a board certified, Harvard trained psychiatrist with 20 years of experience treating and diagnosing patients in the Boston area. I have also trained at Yale University in Primary Care Internal Medicine and Mount Sinai School of Medicine in N.Y. for my General psychiatry residency training, before going onto complete my Fellowship in Child and Adolescent psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Psychiatry. 

In 2016, I was certified in Positive Psychology by the WholeBeing Institute. At this time I am focusing my practice on coaching using mindfulness, positive psychology and the creative arts. I am a former fashion designer, artist and printmaker who dabbles in photography and filmmaking as well. Today, I bring all of these skills into my work as a psychiatrist and positive psychology coach. After having a heart attack, I am now dedicating a portion of my practice to coaching individuals in transition after a serious cardiac event.

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