Cardiac Psychiatry encompasses the treatment of depression and anxiety that is often associated with cardiac disease. If you have experienced a cardiac event or dysfunction, this setback can be devastating and it can be hard to bounce back. One often has to reach a “new normal” level of functioning. The heart attack takes an enormous toll on our emotional well being. Depression or anxiety may worsen or you may find yourself feeling emotionally anxious or drained following a heart attack.

Research has shown that depression and anxiety have a negative impact on heart health in general. Your prognosis and outcome after a heart attack will be greater if you are treated for depression or anxiety. Speaking with a mental health professional, like Dr. Bates can be very helpful in your recovery and in maintaining good health.

Research indicates the use of positive psychology methods looks very  promising for better heart health outcomes. Yes, you can actually improve your physical health and outcomes by improving your mental state. Positive Psychology Coaching or psychotherapy will help you find more optimism and greater resilience in the face of cardiac issues. Dr. Bates has studied Positive Psychology and is a certified coach.

The mind and the body are truly connected. Dr. Bates has a very holistic approach to psychiatry and tries to use as little medication as possible. She uses art to foster creativity, positive psychology exercises and mindfulness in her work as a physician and coach.

Developing self compassion, gratitude, optimism and kindness can improve your health. Discover new ways to regain the confidence you had before your cardiac incident, build resilience and deepen your relationships with psychiatric treatment. Make the changes in your life that you have always wanted to make, by getting the support you need, through this difficult time. 

Psychotherapy services are available for women with cardiac issues in Massachusetts and California via Telepsych where Dr. Bates is also licensed. Dr. Bates has an office located New York for in person psychotherapy, consultation and coaching. Use the contact forms to set up a phone consult.