Pediatric Psychiatry

Dr. Bates will assess and treat children and adolescents ages 6- 18, for psychiatric disorders. In some cases she will work with your pediatrician or clinician to find the right regime for your child or adolescent. She is especially interested in working with children who are creative and artistic, because she uses art as a Theraputic modality in her practice. Children and adolescents will be asked to work with art and photography while working with Dr. Bates.

Consultation to Pediatricians

If you are a pediatrician in private practice and need to consult with a child psychiatrist, Dr. Bates will work with you and your team to find the best treatment for your current patients that you may be treating for ADHD and depression. Many times these cases become more complicated and difficult for the solo practitioner and it is helpful to know that there is expert consultation available. To create a membership plan for your practice, contact Dr. Bates for services for pediatricians and nurse practitioners.

Second Opinions

Dr. Bates is available for second opinion consultations for Psychopharm and diagnostic assessments. Please schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. You must have a primary physician or nurse practitioner that you are currently working with in order to qualify for a second opinion assessment. Second opinions for Psychopharm treatment or taper off medication when safe to do so, will be provided.