Painting by Hisla Bates, MD

Painting by Hisla Bates, MD

Pediatric Psychiatry

Dr. Bates is a Harvard trained, Board Certified Psychiatrist by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She has expertise in Psychopharm management and diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. Her approach to working with children is to find the least harmful and conservative approach to treatment. The practice focuses on using the therapeutic and expressive arts, journaling, photography and meditation to foster healing and recovery. Although medications may be used in treatment the emphasis is to use them conservatively, as we initiate lifestyle changes and nutritional approaches to better health.

Treatment of:

*Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

*Mood Disorders

*Anxiety Disorders

*Family Issues

*LGBT issues children and teens



Drawing: A Tool for Mindfulness

Drawing workshops are designed for individuals who want to get in touch with their own creativity and also for those who want to use drawing as a Theraputic tool in their work with children. Drawing has also been shown to increase skills of observation and can be beneficial to medical students, residents and physicians to improve clinical skills and help prevent burnout. Contact Dr. Bates if you would like to have a workshop in your medical school, hospital or organization.

Let’s talk about Race and Healing Racial Wounds

This workshop is designed to facilitate discussions about micro-aggressions, macro-aggressions, race and racism. The purpose is to foster a greater understanding of our differences and celebrate what unites us as humans. This workshop would be helpful for clinicians working with diverse populations who want to better understand those individuals. This workshop is also for individuals who feel they need racial healing, and those who want to better understand the impact of race in our society. It is an all inclusive and everyone is invited to this workshop using art, writing and meditation. Contact Dr. Bates if you would like her to facilitate a group in your medical school, hospital or organization.