American Academy Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Meeting, Seattle, WA 2018 Workshop: Drawing: A Tool for Mindfulness:

“I attended your workshop and it was phenomenal! I was so impressed and it really inspired me to start drawing again!” Dr. Kendhari

Anonymous comments from psychiatrists who attended my Drawing: A Tool for Mindfulness workshop in Seattle Washington at the 2018 AACAP annual meeting.

“It was a great workshop! I feel transformed and I am going to start drawing again. I loved it!”

“Very Mindful and RIGHT-BRAIN stretching! Thank you!”

“Excellent hands on experience.”

“Great experience!”

“Fantastic session! Needs to be at every AACAP (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry) meeting!”

“Very relaxing, different activity to meet others interact with others. It’s the best activity I had her, so far! Thank you!”

From Residents:

"You've been an inspiration to me as I aspire to be in resident education at some level one day.  But also, you've been a refuge to me.  Words cannot express how thankful I am that you were here and that you made yourself available when I was having difficulty.  I also appreciate that you set the tone for a focus on resident wellness in all senses.  You even gave me tips on how to manage my personal wellness.  By the way, I still journal everyday since we last spoke.  Thank you for that."  

"I have really enjoyed all of the insight you have given me and the passion you have for psychiatry and life."

"It was so incredible working with you and getting to know you.  Even though it was such a short time, your advice about work, life, babies, was so genuine and came at a much needed time.  You were the saving grace...."

"I think you are very kind, caring and were always very generous with your time to us....Thank you for the time spent with us and for your dedication to us during a challenging time."

"Thanks again for teaching me so much...in particular showing me that therapeutic interviewing can go just as far or further than medications can! It was a pleasure." Harvard Medical Student MSII